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Questions You May Have About Psychotherapy

Is Psychotherapy an Option for You?

You may be experiencing challenges or conflict in your life. Psychotherapy may give you the opportunity to better understand yourself and your world and to explore opportunities for change and growth.

The decision to begin psychotherapy is a personal choice. Sessions are tailored
to meet the needs of each person. The frequency of sessions differs for each person and is mutually determined by you and I. The overall length of time for psychotherapy depends upon your individual circumstances.


What Happens in Psychotherapy?

Everyone experiences difficult times in life. During the first session, it is important to discuss the reasons you are seeking therapy. Family and personal history are important subjects to explore and provide a context for a mutual understanding of past and current concerns. This background will help you and I to decide what we work on in psychotherapy. 

A therapy session involves conversation between you and me regarding your concerns. It is my job to actively listen. It is important to recognize that in the therapeutic relationship, you actively participate in setting goals and in determining how to deal with concerns. This collaborative approach may help to provide a positive outcome, which will hopefully assist you to meaningfully manage your life.

It is important to understand that talking about life’s difficulties and challenges may result in discomfort.  Sometimes, you may feel unhappy or experience emotional distress during a session.  Any decision to change the way you choose to live involves uncertainty, which is not a comfortable spot for anyone.

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